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Irish, with Classical Greek and Latin, were the first European languages to develop a written literature. This is important not only to Irish people, but it is important in the context of world languages. That is why we find so many people from abroad studying Old Irish, because it is important in the history and development of other languages.

The Druids also occupied important roles as keepers of the oral tradition and as teachers, counsellors and legal experts in Irish society at the time when the oral tradition was at its height and written language was making its appearance. It is believed that the Druids used Ogham as a system of writing, and may even have invented it.

It is also my hypothesis that Ogham and the Druid's rods or wands, were important tools for learning the vast amount of material that had to be committed to memory by Druid initiates in the different grades. They may also have been the first "Memory Sticks" on the planet! This hypothesis is developed in my blog.

Why use Irish used if you wish to encourage visitors here?

Druidry and Shamanism were originally practised in Ireland at a time when Irish was the language spoken by the people throughout the Island of Ireland. The forms of Celtic Spirituality that prevailed then as well as the Druidry and Shamanism practised are all embedded in the Irish language and its culture. We are passionate about spreading information about these topics because there is great interest worldwide in them.

At the same, however, we feel that it is necessary for the integrity of the spiritual practices that they be understood first of all within the context and environment in which they originated. Even though modern Druidry and Shamanism embody many ideas and practices which did not originate 2000 years ago, and may not even have been required then, it is still advisable to put those modern additions within an appropriate cultural and linguistic environment.

It is also vitally important for our Irish heritage that we minimise the unwelcome effects of "cultural colonialism" and even of cultural tourism! It is our sincere wish that those who discover Irish Celtic Spirituality and practice Druidry/Shamanism will draw great benefits from that experience but at best it will be Core Spirituality and Core Druidry, just as in other countries Core Shamanism has brought great rewards to those practising it. The development of Core Shamanism by Michael Harner is an example of selecting and using the practices and culture of an indigenous people without plundering the actual practices of the indigenous communities.

Multilingual Glossary of Irish language used on this site.

This is a short glossary of the terms used on this and related sites with translations into some other languagesl As the site is primarily for Druids, Shamans, and those with an interest in Celtic Spirituality and Mythology, the Irish language is the main language used here.

Nevertheless, we do not wish to frighten off any visitors who may have arrived here looking for information. This basic glossary should enable them to navigate the pages and see what information is available.

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