Code of the Wolf

  • My truth is in my eyes
  • Protect the family
  • /Honour the Elders
  • Educate the young
  • Loyalty to friends
  • Express your opinion
  • Stand your ground
  • Lead when necessary, follow when required
  • Play when you can
  • Work when you must
  • Invisible to enemies, open to friends


Wolves were once an integral part of the Irish countryside and culture. The last wild wolf in Ireland is said to have been killed in 1786, about two hundred years after they were believed to have been wiped out in Great Britain. In the Middle Ages, Ireland was known to outsiders as "Wolfland" because the wolf still roamed free in the forests that covered the country. This magnificent, but much-maligned animal, was still alive here having been wiped out in neighbouring countries. It was reported that wolves had been trained to hunt with humans and from them our modern dogs have descended.

The last reliable evidence of wolves in Ireland was in 1786, around the same time when final onslaughts were made on Irish culture, language and a  way of life was being destroyed.

The Wolf is the Shamanic Totem Animal for this site.

The Druid Chimes

The "Druid Chimes" will be published quarterly in PDF and e-Book format, suitable for downloading and using in schools, bars, shops, night clubs, indeed wherever a Druid might be found in modern Ireland! It will provide up-to-the-minute information and news (well, it will be up-to-the-milleniium anyway) about Druidry and the Druids - and a few other related topics, such as breaking news, current affairs (as they were in the era of the Druids) and even scandals - all in a contemporary tabloid format! I will not say more than that now, but wait for it! Register now to get the first copy when it comes from the scribes!

Introduction for visitors

The main aim of this site is to provide information about:
  • Irish Druid practice and Shamanism,
  • Celtic Spirituality,
  • ancient Manuscripts in Old Irish and Latin pertaining to these and related topics presented in the modern Irish language,
  • Summaries will also be made available in English and in other languages where necessary or appropriate.

The related social networking site, CAIRDEAS, will also provide fora, web pages, and other facilities for use by speakers of other Celtic/Gaelic languages who wish to participate in this project. In that way, I hope that we can provide an ongoing web-based platform for Pan-Celtic sharing of information, views and fun! If you are not having fun when you work, then why not change your work!

For those of you who do not yet speak or read Irish or who would like to improve the standard of Irish they already possess, a number of options will be presented:

  • Courses in basic Irish will be made available through a linked site, CAIRDEAS, for those who would like to study the language;
  • Glossaries will be made available to enable those with limited Irish to navigate the site in order to acquaint themselves with the contents;
  • Additional glossaries will be made available to those with some degree of familiarity with the language so that they can read the content in Modern Irish, as well as refresh the standard of Irish they already possess.
  • Summaries of documents presented in Irish will also be made available in English under the GNU General Public License and will be available in the online Shop. Registered members of the site will be able to access full translations with notes in En glishon receipt of a small subscription to cover additional costs and expenses incurred.

 A Health Warning to those of a Gentle Disposition!

Please be aware that the Druids of Ireland left no written records of their beliefs or practices, or if they did, then the records were destroyed or did not survive. The only evidence we have comes from two main sources. The first source was contemporary with the Druids. It comes mainly from Roman writers, such as Julius Caesar, most of whom had a rather distorted perspective because they were trying to suppress the Celtic tribes in Gaul and Britain.  I seriously doubt that they could be relied upon for accurate, in-depth analysis of people whom they were trying to subjugate as enemies of their civilisation! I am sure that you, dear Visitor, can think of many modern international relationships that provide a parallel experience!

A second source of information is to be found in the old Gaelic manuscripts that recorded the oral traditions transmitted over many generations during which Christianity had begun to usurp the Druids. It was often thought that the Druids were ousted completely by the advent of the early Christian missionaries to our shores but there is some evidence to suggest that the Druids and the Christian Monastic religion in Ireland co-existed for many centuries, each running their own schools!

There is a third possible source, but it is highly problematical and unregulated and that is from modern practitioners of Druidry and Shamanism. I have no doubt from my own experience that it is possible to access information in the course of shamanic trance journeys into non-ordinary reality. These methods are still practised today in indigenous and First Nation cultures as well as by others who build their practice on the core methods, techniques, and spiritual practices commonly  described as Core Shamanism and Modern Druidry.

I intend to discuss these issues and the related ethical concerns and questions in the Pangur Glas Blog on the web site <>. At this stage, I just wish to flag the issue and will discuss it later. Suffice it to offer a caveat at this stage: Fact and fantasy make strange bedfellows, so let seekers after wisdom beware! "All that glisters is not gold."

 About Wolflander


I practise both Shamanism and Druidry. For me this is not a matter of trying to reconstruct what the ancient druids did, because, to be honest, we have very little hard evidence about what they did, or what they believed. Instead I am trying to use what I have learned from the old manuscript and folklore sources and use it in a modern context. This presents very interesting and stimulating challenges to modern assumptions about how we relate to one another, to the environment, and to “all our relatives”. But more about that later.

What I learn and develop about shamanism and druidry is supplemented by my studies of how modern Core Shamanism has grown in a similar way in other parts of the world by making use of information from indigenous people who still practise these ways.

I have kept audio recordings and written records of my own shamanic trance journeys and projects and I will be sharing many of these online. This should help registered members of this site to understand precisely what it is that the Shaman/Druid does and what happens in a trance journey into an alternative reality. Please note that I do not practise Shaman-Druidry as a religion but as a way of life to relate meaningfully with the world around me.

Other topic covered will include:

  • growing herbs and vegetables and sharing my favourite recipes,
  • working with woollen fibres, learning to spin woollen yarn from local fleeces, dyeing them using herbs from my own garden and from the local hedgerows
  • making various woollen and cotton goods, and other materials, using crochet, Tunisian crochet and a medieval knitting board, so prepare for action.
  • learn with me as I come to grips with card weaving, also known as tablet weaving. I am a complete beginner but I promise that I will share my trials and tribulations with you,
  • recycling do

I will show you some of my "products" and "bright ideas", and I would be delighted to hear about your efforts! Why waste a bottle that contained an excellent wine, when you might convert it to a tasteful patio-light holder when you drink the next bottle?

So, you see, trying to live a Shaman-Druidic lifestyle has many aspects. I will share these with you.

Peace and Blessed Be!

PLEASE NOTE:  Most of the material on this site is supplied under the GNU General Public Licence and is free-of-charge to subscribed members.  All income from subscriptions will be used to defray the cost of providing this site and service as well as funding future developments. PLEASE REGISTER NOW by clicking on the link below and make a small annual subscription to support the work of the site.