Climate Change Conference COP 21, Paris, 2015

The choice is ours - Are you up for it?

Project: Nature unites and nourishes us

I am a passionate evolutionary activist, committed to doing whatever I can to protect Mother Earth, our home, its resources and all its living species. As a shaman-druid, my spiritual beliefs are founded in a respect for Nature and our environment. We cannot continue to exist if we do not realign our lives with Nature and natural processes. We see how the materialist doctrines of Science and Money are destroying our environment and enslaving people everywhere. I want to create an event that allows people like me, who, for a variety of reasons (mine is arthritis and limited physical mobility), will be physically unable to participate in marches and demonstrations, to play a positive part nonetheless by using global media to assert our convictions and our support. My intention is to host an online "demonstration and protest" built on simple pictures of individuals and small groups standing next to a native tree in their own place (field, village, town, etc.) anywhere in the world. I live on the edge of an oak forest at Shillelagh, Co. Wicklow, Ireland, and for the sake of this event, I define that as the location for the demonstration.

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Main aim: 
To focus the energy of the group on the COP 21 Conference of world leaders, and, in alignment with the energies of the other global protests, to move those world leaders towards positive decisions on behalf of the citizens of the world.

The plan:

  1. Starting at midnight GMT on November 28th, I shall post a special message on my ‪Facebook page‬ to provide a focal point for the event and a place where you can leave a message and feedback;
  2. During the 24 hour period from then until midnight on November 29th, you are invited to reflect at some stage, and for as long as you see fit or can afford, on ‪#‎climatechange‬ and on what you might do either as an individual or as a group with friends, to live in a more sustainable manner from now on.
  3. If you are with friends during that period, then you may like to discuss climate change with them and focus on practical steps that can be taken by you to show that you are serious about this danger that faces us.
  4. If you are on your own, you may like to meditate, pray, perform a simple ceremony at home, or merely think about the topic;
  5. Then post a short summary of your ideas on the Facebook page to share them with others.
  6. I have a contingency plan to organise a free, 1-hour (with extension, if required) online conference/webinar, to provide a forum for the sharing and discussion of ideas. Details will be provided on my #Facebookpage together with a link to the conference.