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Wolflander's Blog


I practise both Shamanism and Druidry. For me this is not a matter of trying to reconstruct what the ancient druids did, because, to be honest, we have very little hard evidence about what they did, or what they believed. Instead I am trying to use what I have learned from the old manuscript and folklore sources and use it in a modern context. This presents very interesting and stimulating challenges to modern assumptions about how we relate to one another, to the environment, and to “all our relatives”. But more about that later.

What I learn and develop about shamanism and druidry is supplemented by my studies of how modern Core Shamanism has grown in a similar way in other parts of the world by making use of information from indigenous people who still practise these ways. I have also been reading about developments in modern physics, and in particular, in quantum physics. I trained initially as an engineer but have been interested in Mathematics and now in the new Physics. I find it interesting that many of the concepts spoken of in quantum physics relate (apparently) to many of the concepts used in the work of shamans and druids, such as alternative and parallel realities, the correspondences between cosmic forces and sub-atomic forces. I am currently following an on-line series of lectures produced by Stanford University. I hope to be able to understand the new Physics as a result!

I have kept audio recordings and written records of my own shamanic trance journeys and projects and I will be sharing many of these online. This should help registered members of this site to understand precisely what it is that the Shaman/Druid does and what happens in a trance journey into an alternative reality. Please note that I do not practise Shaman-Druidry as a religion but as a way of life to relate meaningfully with the world around me.

Other topic covered will include:

  • growing herbs and vegetables and sharing my favourite recipes,

  • working with woollen fibres, learning to spin woollen yarn from local fleeces, dyeing them using herbs from my own garden and from the local hedgerows

  • making various woollen and cotton goods, and other materials, using crochet, Tunisian crochet and a medieval knitting board, so prepare for action.

  • learn with me as I come to grips with card weaving, also known as tablet weaving. I am a complete beginner but I promise that I will share my trials and tribulations with you,

  • recycling domestic items for alternative uses. I will show you some of my "products" and "bright ideas", and I would be delighted to hear about your efforts! Why waste a bottle that contained an excellent wine, when you might convert it to a tasteful patio-light holder when you drink the next bottle?

So, you see, trying to live a Shaman-Druidic lifestyle has many aspects. I will share these with you.

Peace and Blessed Be!