Code of the Wolf

  • My truth is in my eyes

  • Protect the family, honour the Elders, educate the young

  • Loyal to friends

  • Express your opinion

  • Stand your ground

  • Lead when necessary, follow when required

  • Play when you can, work when you must

  • Invisible to enemies, open to friends


In the Middle Ages, Ireland was known to outsiders as "Wolfland" because the wolf still roamed free in the forests that covered the country. This magnificent, but much-maligned animal, was still alive here having been wiped out in neighbouring countries.

The last reliable evidence of wolves in Ireland was in 1786, around the same time when onslaughts were being made on Irish culture, language and a way of life was being destroyed.

The Wolf is the Shamanic Totem Animal for this site.

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The main aim of this site is to provide reliable and authentic information about Irish Druidry and Shamanism.  Transcripts of manuscripts will be provided in modern Irish. As Irish is a living language with a world-wide appeal to a broad audience, I shall also provide versions of the old tales and legends in a style suitable for use in story-telling. 

Some hints for navigating the site:

  • Allowing the cursor to hover over an Irish language link will provide an English translation for that link. 
  • Glossaries will be made available (for download) to enable those with limited Irish to navigate this site; 
  • Additional glossaries with notes (for download) will be made available to those with some degree of familiarity with the language so that they can read the content in Modern Irish; 
  • Summaries of documents presented in Irish will also be made available free of charge in English under the GNU General Public License and will be available in the “The Druid's Cave”. 
  • Registered members of the site will be able to access full translations with notes in English on receipt of a small fee to cover additional costs and expenses incurred.


The "Druid Chimes" is a fun tabloid reporting on the period from 500 BC to 600 AD (approximately). It will be published quarterly in PDF and eBook formats, suitable for downloading and using at home, in schools, pubs, shops, trains, buses, indeed wherever a Druid might be found in modern Ireland!

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